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because we care

In our Pilates studio in Vienna we include a physical assessment to evaluate your goals and current health.

Each tenth lesson we offer a private Pilates Reformer session.

A personal treat to guide you on your Pilates journey.


group pilates reformer

Pilates reformer creates the necessary resistance to guide you to work each muscle of your body.

We have high-quality Pilates Reformers for our group classes. A small quantity for a personal touch.

one to one pilates lessons

Private Pilates lessons with expert teachers to help you towards a healthier, stronger life.
At our Vienna Studio we will guide achieve your fitness goals with our personalized Pilates touch.

group pilates chair

Something for real Pilates lovers. Smaller and less well-known than the reformer, just as magical but more demanding. If you wish to strengthen your muscles and lengthen them at the same time. Work on your balance and ultimately achieve a strong, healthy and beautiful body, this Pilates Class is for you.

We are one of the few studios of Pilates chair in Vienna.


group pilates mat

Pilates lessons inspired by the original method developed by Joseph Pilates, with the inclusion of small equipment.
We still keep groups small for this Pilates lessons to provide you with the personalized touch you require.